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NEWS FLASH: "IRS Says Bitcoins Not 'Currency', But Kinda Like A (Virtual) S&H Green Stamp." (chuckle) 'Course, if you know what an "S&H Green Stamp" was... ...you probably don't know what a "Bitcoin" is. And vice-versa.  Alas! http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/03/25/i-r-s-says-...
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I have a wish list.  It's not fancy or elaborate.  For example, right now, I wish for sunshine and seventy-five degrees on a beach somewhere.  On that beach, I'll alternate between reading, writing, napping, sipping and gazing. This day of fifty degrees and sunshine will do. ...
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  When I was a kid, going broke was caused by bad luck, bad choices, or bad habits. Now days, it happens by good luck, good choices, and good habits. I know because it happened to me. Here’s how it works. First, be a working-class child from a broken home. Then, without therapy or support...
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When I was a child my parents lived by the adage: children are to be seen, not heard and that other one, children speak only when spoken to. Though I may have had thoughts, questions, comments, theories, ideas, advice, stories, jokes, insights, musings, songs, confusion, I kept them to myself....
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My young friend, Lila, who just celebrated her 57th birthday, told me that her mother, Elizabeth, was reluctant to see her friends anymore because, as Lila said, "She wanted them to remember her as she used to be." How sad. Elizabeth is only 83, and is quite healthy by my standards. I...
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The advantage of travelling alone is that you can’t help overhearing conversations. On Eurostar a man was talking into his phone. He was in high spirits. ‘We are on Channel 4 this evening,’ he said, ‘unfortunately I can’t be there.’ Afterwards he made another call. ‘I don’t think we should use the...
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I think the main problem with being a woman over 50 is that we're passed over for $7 an hour jobs by young women who are willing to work for $6!
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I had lunch with my dad today at Noah's Bagels in the City. I was meeting him because he decided to give me his cell phone. Let's back up a bit here. A couple of weeks ago he had problems with his phone so he bought a cellphone at a Radio Shack near his house.This shocked me because he hates...