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    From my windows, we  did not get the amount of snow predicted. I'm told it appears otherwise in other parts of Halifax. I'll soon go to look for myself. It is a bright, clear, windy (and still cold) day. I thought it was going to get warmer. My fir tree is still a weather vane...
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The story of Jaycee Lee Dugard – abducted at age 11 from her school bus stop and reunited with her family 18 years later – is hailed as a miracle, a reason to hope for those few but anguished families who, each year, lose children in so-called “stereotypical kidnappings.” A “stereotypical...
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Blasphemy alert: Readers stumbling upon this entry and thinking they'll be getting a nice, heartfelt message about Jesus or something had better stop reading. SantaDogsaJesusFetus brought me a humdinger of a cold for Christmas (with a little help from My Own Dear Personal Sister and Alaska Airlines...