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Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial.(Reuters photo by Larry Downing)  “He captured the spotlight of history precisely at the right time, and responded with a blueprint for what America could become if it trusted its democratic legacy… He was murdered. But his dream still excites our...
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Michael Clarke Duncan.  (photo by Duffy-MarieArnoult and FilmMagic)   Since his emergence during the 1980s and 1990s as a master of horror and suspense, author Stephen King has enjoyed popularity among a racially diverse reading audience. His popularity among African Africans likely...
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Thank you Readers for visiting, and thank you Red Room Editors for shining a spotlight on part 1 of this blog . For part two, please continue:     Understanding was not my goal the second time I wrote about my mother. My aim at that time was relief from the horrendous experience of...