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“Save oxygen: stamp out small talk. ”Thus Spake Aforista I seldom agree wholeheartedly with the Postfuturist Sage Aforista, but I’m right on board with this saying. Whenever small talk starts, Pat and I both glaze over and remain in a quasi-catatonic state until the conversation returns to...
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“There is no such thing as ancient wisdom; it is always new.”Thus Spake Aforista. Count on the Postfuturist Sage Aforista to say something strident, hyperbolic, and even untrue. Of course there is such a thing as ancient wisdom, and of course we all need to be mindful of it in this speed-of-light...
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Someone recently referred to Wikipedia as the “end of scholarship.” I can’t remember who said it, and I can’t turn it up on Google or even on Wikipedia itself, which I guess means it might as well never have been said. But I’m sure I read it somewhere. And I’m not surprised at the sentiment. It...
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“The transformation of the personality begins with the deliberate activation of a single synapse.” Thus Spake Aforista. The Postfuturist Sage Aforista makes it sound so easy! Most of us find it difficult to utterly change our personalities from the bottom up. But maybe, in a world on the brink...