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Last week on my trip back to Texas from Montana, I had the privilege of witnessing the return of two Fallen Soldiers. The first at Denver airport. The second at DFW airport. One of the Fallen Soldiers was on my flight from Denver to Dallas. The flight crew announced it to us, and asked that we...
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  The four U.S. Marines shown on video urinating on the dead bodies of Afghanis, allegedly Taliban fighters, has sparked heated debate in this country and sparked outrage in the world. In an MSNBC story entitled: “Extreme war stresses to blame in Marine urination video?” Eugenia Weiss, a USC...
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In case you missed it, the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Afghanistan came and went a couple of weeks ago. October 6, to be precise. The date marked another anniversary: a small group of people have been occupying not exactly America, but the corner of Golden Gate and Larkin at...