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  Ghost Bride, Breast Cancer Awareness, The Affordable Care Act   Are you wearing a pink ribbon? Do you wonder what Obamacare offers? Have you ever thought about being a Ghost Bride?         Welcome to Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with your hosts Cynthia Brian...
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Finally, it's almost time. Good God, are you ready for this thing to be over? I know I am, but it's my own fault. I mainline so much of this political stuff, I'm having trouble finding a vein these days. Ever since Chief Justice John Roberts' stammering oath billowed wisps of partisan...
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You Can’t Afford to Give What You Don’t Have, My take on “Obama care” By Bernadette A. Moyer  Did you enjoy your last visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles or to the Social Security Administration offices? How about the United States Post Office? Did you feel that your business mattered...
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I attended a lecture Thursday night on the status of the Affordable Care Act (health care reform) that became law in March of 2010. There was a lot of interesting information, not all of it new, that I think anyone with a mental health challenge ought to know. We do, after all, have a chronic...
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In reading today’s news and listening to my favorite newscasters it’s easy to see that two subjects are dominating the news, the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, especially in Ireland and President Obama’s victory in the subject of health care.  One is positive and exciting (if you are...