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How do we distinguish between good and bad poetry? There are plenty of people who will say that it’s impossible to judge – that quality is a subjective thing and that one man’s literature is another’s junk. As a book reviewer who spends many hours a week judging the quality of a range of books,...
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Although I rushed, I suspected that with only an hour transfer time, I might, and did miss my connecting flight from Paris to Napoli, Italy. The next flight was three hours later, and although tired, after drinking a cappuccino and eating a sandwich, I felt less like a zombie from the seven hour...
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A longtime friend messaged me on Facebook yesterday to alert me I need to change my profile photo to a more flattering one. I snapped it in my sunny Istanbul kitchen on my iPhone last month. I’d just had my hair done — and a facial, so not a stitch of makeup. I look somewhat natural, and somewhat...
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I've made a pact with my Muse...and my Readers: I'll never sell them short. I'll never work to a formula or put money ahead of my art or compromise my vision to satisfy someone else's questionable aesthetics. I will never refer to my work as "product" or speak of "units sold",...