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Somerset Maugham's advice to young writers: "Don't read your reviews, dear boy. Measure them."
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Every month, I host a free coaching call for writers on the third Thursday of the month. This week, on June 18, the call, from 5 - 6 p.m. PST, will look at how to make scenes pop. In addition, I'll respond to any questions you have. Stuck? Struggling? Need some help with daily momentum, mastery of...
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    Criticism is a kill-joy, even when it’s not personally directed at us. As a kid, I remember feeling slightly wounded when my mother criticized our neighbors for buying a house they couldn’t afford to furnish. They had a big house with indefinitely empty rooms. I understood my mom (she worked...
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Oh the timewasters you'll see if only you'll look,Myspace to be Linkedin to the Face in a Book.Twittering tweets, Youtube and ipod itunes,Hulu, IM, Txting, Bebo, Tivo and Zunes.. Oh the timewasters you'll use with great wonder and glee,No need for plane travel, just plain electricity.Netflix and...
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It's surprising how much writing is research.  The funny part is that writers research for the stories inside their book more than for the book itself.  I know the feeling.  You're done and you just want to get it out there.  You just want to get it published. If you've spent hours tracking down...
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I think in any country in the world it is easier for people to point fingers at others rather than themselves. These gray areas are everywhere in every country - there are laws and there are more laws and some people follow them and others don't. Fact of life: Laws are broken everywhere. I try not...
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Crabby Old Man     Smile! People say that all the time. Here’s what I think they mean. It takes less energy to smile than to frown. Did you know that? Smiles are free. We can share them anytime, anywhere. We can toss them out like candy.  As a rule, mine stays well oiled but there are...
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As part of a recent book store appearance at Rowan University, a student reporter for the campus newspaper interviewed me. Most of the questions were run-of-the-mill and the young reporter seemed to be taking all of my answers as run-of-the-mill, too.That is, until he asked me what advice I'd give...
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My sister would say "are you nuts?" If I had a sister. I remember when I first began dating my ex-husband seriously how excited I became at the prospect of having three sisters and two sister-in-laws, if I ever married him.  I was a sibling orphan having lost both brothers in automobile...
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My first blog - in this place as opposed to my occasional Blogspot ravings - has to be about today's cause for yanking-out-of-hair: query letters. I read a piece of advice recently that specifically said the first thing you should say is how you found/selected your current victi ... sorry, agent....