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Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Most of us have been taught the social graces necessary to behave properly in polite society; however, a good number has either chosen to forget or refuses to comply.  Good manners shouldn't be a cultural convention...
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The District of Wonders network, home of four genre-specific podcasts, seeks sponsors and advertisers interested in audio or print ads on our podcasts or webpages. Our flagship show, the Hugo-Award winning StarShip Sofa has been downloaded three million times since its inception in 2006. Our shows...
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Following is the end of my interview at a cool website for newbie and professional writers, The Writer's Block, at Raychelle-Writes.blogspot.com.  Specifically, you can find my interview here.  But it's an interesting site, so look around!     You can find Part One of this...
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Send me a jpeg of your book cover and a synopsis to K.Kellee@delectablegoodies.com and it will be posted on www.delectablegoodies.com
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Now that you've launched a book, you realize your publisher has probably dumped on you most of the responsibility for the book's success. But how to stand out in the thousands of others trying to market their books? hitchnews has a few suggestions:   Marketing encompasses the 4 P’s, or your...
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Why is everyone talking about Twitter? Is this just a phase or will this be the next form of interaction to replace our blogs? Today, many media social networkers are twalking or twyping with a form of speech impediment. But this is no speech impediment...this is the new world of Twitter....