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Got an email yesterday from a friend in Bay Area Travel Writers congratulating me on winning a Solas Award. My response: "Thanks, but I didn't know I'd won!" (Ironically, the last time I won a Solas, I found out the very same way.) The Solas Awards are doled out by the good folks at...
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Color me flattered   I am pleased to the first featured adventure-travel writer in the new and improved Travel World International Magazine. The March issue is dedicated to adventure travel from “Hiking on the Edge” in China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge to “Following the Herd” in Tanzania. Editor, Donna M...
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I like to write on a variety of topics, so my inspiration comes from many places, people, and things. My favorite writing retreat, however, is the trail. In recent times, I've spent 2-3 months of each year hiking and backpacking in the U.S., South America, and Europe. It's tough to keep up a...
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I didn't realize it when I was growing up in gold country, but I was walking in the footsteps of America's  best-loved adventure writer. Over the years our paths have crossed many times. I feel a special connection to a man I never met, but whose actions and deeds inspire me still. http://www....