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Maybe it is different with novelists - we rarely send proposals to publishers until after we have completed the novel. There isn't too much speculation. Mind you, most of us don't write a novel and claim it is real, as one chap did (and got praised by Oprah). I just gotta say I do have some...
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Nothing against the lady (my eyes were riveted like millions of others). And - of course - we won't whisper about her family connections for - surely - that had no reason in the contemplation of this book deal. And I am - of course - glad she "... has been setting aside several hours a day to...
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Authors Feel Pinch in Age of E-Books   By JEFFREY A. TRACHTENBERG Credit: Matt Wright-Steel for the Wall Street Journal Author John Pipkin worries about the e-book business model: 'I've had to rethink my plans in terms of supporting my family full time as a writer.' When literary agent Sarah...
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http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/willgompertz/manuscripts226.jpg   Behind the Scenes at a Pub Committee Meeting by  Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent Let's pretend this is a small-ish imprint where everyone gets along and respects each other. In other words, it’s a bit of a fantasy but...
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Why is S&S accused of violating campaign finance laws? Which writer's fan got him horrid publicity? Why is the bankruptcy clause in your contract worthless? Is an author-formed collective a good idea? These and other headlines are in this week's Write Report.
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A reader wrote to me with a series of questions on the writing life, the publishing universe, and everything. I asked her permission to answer some of them here. How did you support yourself while you wrote? How did you manage fears about money? What other streams of revenue come from your book...
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American Idol and Literary AdvancesBy Jason Boog on Dec 18, 2009 04:23 PM In a blog post, veteran editor Alan Rinzler (pictured) tried to find out why a few first-time novelists had landed large advances recently--citing a $600,000 and two six-figure advances for untested authors. He debated the...
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I've been speaking to a lot of authors lately, successful ones who make their living writing. Some of them make a pretty good living. I'm finding that a lot of them don't really understand the economic fundamentals of publishing. They don't even understand the meaning of "the book deal" a...
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  The following are quoted passages from hitchnews about the publishing game as we know it today. This is a pretty lengthy subject, so I'll put it up as  a series of posts. If you’re planning on launching a book this year: Read! Heed! There may be issues here you'll want to discuss with your...
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This is a fascinating article on book publishing in the era of digitization — it deconstructs the industry, showing how the pie is divided (as writers know, it’s not so great for writers), and how this will likely change with increasing digitization; the three big waves currently hitting the...