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  I remember the first time I heard the term Spank Bank.  It was in San Francisco and a male friend during the San Francisco Improv Festival announced with all the love and respect in the world that I was in his "Spank Bank" Now keep in mind I'm not a stupid woman.  I immediately got...
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Ex-male prostitute shares the horrors of his English father telling him about sex. http://youtu.be/dZ3w50MPlFk  
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  A little background for my readers. When I was a starving author…oh, wait, I still am. I mean, I am again. Let me start over. The first time I was a starving author, Chris Moore lived here in my tiny town of Cambria. He used to work at a motel in San Simeon with my mom, but, when his big...
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Imagine a bucket big enough to ice down a dozen bottles of champagne. Now remove the champagne, toss out the ice, and fill the bucket with Halloween candy until the candy overflows the rim. Then set the bucket outside your front door and post a sign reading, “Please don’t knock. Recovering from...
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The waves crashed again and again against the side of the ship, sending up a warm salty spray that soaked us to the bone as we struggled to hold on . . . Wait, it wasn’t exactly like that. We were sitting in the front row in a small conference room where folding metal chairs had been arranged...
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 App #2    Prostitutipedia HD  $* Description The definitive App for the desperate career enthusiast facing a shrinking mass of traditional vocational choices.   Prostitutipedia is the ultimate compendium of ways for you to sell your body in the face of economic...
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Copyright 2011 - http://www.antheaanka.com Recently it was reported on a TV news program (so I don’t keep repeating myself, let’s just clarify that this term is once and for all, an oxymoron) that an 83-year-old woman got fake breast implants. Her theory, her mother lived well into her nineties, so...
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Copyright 2011 - http://www.antheaanka.com Recently a woman ran over her boyfriend with her car (as opposed to her tractor or helicopter) – twice I might add – leaving him with brain damage; basically, she was convinced he was cheating at a computer game and this made her angry. Road rage angry....
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  Like - For such a small word you’ve suddenly become an unbelievably powerful four letter vernacular destroyer. Yes, I have a bone to pick with you, you little verbal troublemaker. Okay, perhaps not with you exactly as your intentions have always been pure. So I shall direct my ire where it...
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  WARNING:  Strong language below..... Although I don't do much cursing myself I am an excellent translator.  For example at my corporate job.  Big Boss might say on his way out the door, "Call that M!@#$r F!@#$%g Frank and tell him he better have the G#$ D!@* report on my...