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I came across a translation into English of Saint-Exupery's book Le Petit Prince. http://www.angelfire.com/hi/littleprince/frames.html I've always admired this novella with charming illustrations and was inspired to talk about Chapter 11 which has to do with admiration. Here's an excerpt: "What...
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  September 19   HUMILITY     A great woman walks my street everyday.  She carries a tall walking stick with a loop for her hand.  Each morning I see her low crown of hair and the half-smile, her friendly wave when I catch her eye.  Each morning when I see her I...
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A woman like myself can get lost just in a stare. Beautiful brown eyes cause my insides to scream As I blush continuously. Aching to not understand but knowing all at the same time Feeling the gravitational pull Forces that can’t be fought…. I am stuck in amazement.....
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Admiration is dangerous when we seek the path where admiration is easiest, driven by the values of others rather than our own. I mean, don' t you agree? You can tell me...
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Your eyes signifiesevery word ever neededto describe the look of loveSensitivity and compassionwritten all over your faceSeduction in your eyes and, your facetransforms me to a totallydifferent place, different timeanother state of minddraining every ounce of my existencereplacing it with the...