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Any time there’s a major change in our life, there follows a period of The Very First.  You marry and then eat your very first breakfast together as spouses, or sleep together for the very first time as a legally married couple. After your career and retirement, you wake up that first morning...
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Color of Change sent me a bumper sticker to celebrate President Obama's inauguration:  "Keep Growing". Now that's a mantra. Keep growing, baby.   Keep trying to grow. Keep trying to change. Blind growth doesn't help and can be detrimental to true growth.  Think of the parable of the...
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Barcelona and I aren't related.  We aren't long lost twins, suddenly reunited.  We have not been secretly longing for each other, falling into one another's arms upon meeting.  We are more like two wary teenaged boys wanting the same girl, circling and circling each other trying to find out why. I...