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We are addicted to coal and oil. Once upon a time the earth’s oil and gas resources may have simply been energy sources that we consumed with care and moderation. Maybe, though the disappearance of the world’s forests doesn’t suggest this. But whatever the case may have been in the past, we have...
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Hello Everyone! I want to invite you all to any of the three book launch events in May or June for my newest title Tales of Addiction. Please visit my web site for information and locations:  Inspiration for Recovery  at www.drsinor.com
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Maybe it's because I just saw the new Alice In Wonderland movie, but I felt like I'd fallen into the backwards looking-glass world when I heard that President Obama was opening up formery protected offshore coastal areas to oil drilling. It may be that this is just the opening gambit in a larger...
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This week I have been on full time nama duty. Lex is on spring break. Nama has been very, very busy and indeed entertained. When scanning the local online news this am I was shocked (well somewhat shocked) to hear that Corey Haim had past yesterday; indeed a tormented soul much too old for his...
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  February 6     Two Powers     The river and the bridge; one force swift and roiling the other stolid and stoic, the first carries me away and the other carries me over.  For the love of liquid, current and life I have slipped in to the water and washed; my life abandoned.  For love of upright...
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Doing a thing too muchIs as addiction definedSadness its aftereffects fetchSo it is titled as unrefined Addiction is not a matured signIt indicates loss of self-controlIt is like drinking too much wineTo devastate the peace of soul Addiction differs from concentrationThe former makes one fully...
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As I approached day number six of a full on "chemotherapy detox" process in the peaceful isolation of the Tucson desert, I was reminded how noisy and all consuming the mind is. The parallels of healing disease, addiction and racism had never penetrated my brain before receiving a...
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Recent headlines, among other world-shaping issues, have featured Warren Beatty (or at least his publicist) denying that the great liberal actor/director/producer has slept with 12,775 women.  That's the claim made in a new biography Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America.  It's nice of Warren to...
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I have set the date for the experiment for "No Electronics for One Week in December: No TV, No Computer/Internet, No Music, No Games, No Cellphones." I begin this Saturday (Dec. 19) and continue until the following Sunday (Dec. 27). The goal is not to be a luddite, but to clear the mental...
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  Drugging Our Children To Death “Labeling a child, ‘mentally ill,’ is like hanging a sign around his or her neck saying, ‘GARBAGE: Take It Away.’” Thomas S. Szasz, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry. Along the smoke-free lanes and carefree byways of Calabasas and far acrossAmerican suburbia, a river of...