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Last week I received a request from one of the chaplains at the nearby hospital to visit a woman suffering from what may well be the last stages of alcoholism.  This was her fourth time in hospital in twelve months. I admit my heart sank. Although I am part of a fellowship that understands...
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Books: Last Exit to Brooklyn, Requiem for a Dream Author: Hubert Selby Jr.  No other author can evoke the primal rages and character of human suffering like Hubert Selby Jr. His writing speaks to the heart of the toil and pains that exist in the dredges of society. Characters so raw and endearing...
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Dear Child, I love you dearly, come back to us.  Yesterday was horrible, taking you to a men's shelter to view what life could be like for you hurt my very soul.  Now you are home and on Day 2 and we are back again at a crossroad of fear and trust.  At such a young age with life ahead of you, in...
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Hello Everyone! I want to invite you all to any of the three book launch events in May or June for my newest title Tales of Addiction. Please visit my web site for information and locations:  Inspiration for Recovery  at www.drsinor.com