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Hi all,      It's been a busy time, but I wanted to take a moment between sessions of grading, submissions and of course writing to update everyone on what's been going on with me recently--for the most part, all fun (and positive) stuff: 1.  Two weeks ago I took part in...
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Hi all, I'm on my way to Canada for my fifth appearance at Ad Astra, the long running fantasy and science fiction convention in Toronto (well, Markham, but you get the idea).  I'll be on a number of panels (including one with Ed Greenwood and Jim Butcher!), and as always you can see the...
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I've started to get some of my schedules for upcoming conferences, and it's reminded me how much traveling I'm going to be doing over the next six months.  I'll be at Norwescon in Seattle at the end of March, Ad Astra in Toronto a week later, Origins in Columbus in June, Readercon in Boston...
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I had a fantastic time at Ad Astra this year! But mostly because of YA author Lesley Livingston’s generosity, and her andAdrienne Kress’ kindness. My panel on YA fantasy was scheduled at the exact same time as the YA fiction panel that well-known YA fantasy authors Lesley Livingston...
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By the time you see this, I'll already be on my way to Canada for Ad Astra, one of my favorite conventions.  Details are on my Schedule page; if you're in the Toronto area, please stop by and check it out! Greg
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It's a measure of how busy I am lately that I'm only now, two and a half weeks after the fact, managing to get my post about Ad Astra finished.  But I was determined to give at least a few of my impressions about one of my favorite regular conference/conventions: 1.  As always, the panel...
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Ad Astra 2011 has been and gone and I was there. It was the best of times, it was the sleepiest of times. It was an age of hope and an age of smoky hotel rooms. It is a tail of pleasant pools and greasy breakfast sausages. Oh heck, from the beginning. The night before the con was punctuated by long...
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Well, so to speak.  Next weekend is Ad Astra, one of my favorite conventions (and my only regular international one), so I'll be heading north of the border on Friday.  I'm going to be a panelist and a reader (with some cool company on both fronts), with a schedule that looks like this: Fri...
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An examination of sustainable energy technologies from solar panels to methane-composting, sewage-treatment plants and the parts they can play in saving our society.  The above is a panel discussion I’ve suggested for the Ad Astra Science Fiction Convention. The title says it all and offers hope...
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So much for the writing trick of "keeping secrets," as Pat Rothfuss likes to put it--I think you all pretty much know what this post is about from the title, so I might as well dive in!  It's actually going up later than I intended...we're in the home stretch of the spring semester,...