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Cena, cenae, feminine, means dinner.  Epistula, epistulae, feminine, means letter.  Litterae, literaum, feminine, also equals letter.  One littera is one letter of the alphabet.  Gratia, gratiae, feminine, equals gratitude.  Do not confuse it with gratus, grate, gratum,...
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An intersection of roads in Southern France is marked by a cross sitting atop a stone pillar, attesting to the religiosity of pathways in this region.  Motoring along local, often single lane roads, it is not uncommon to approach a diversion and there is a cross.  The legend on regional...
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As heard on the 3 Seventh Avenue Express, Uptown, May 2005: For have to not die. Got AIDS.  Right now myself die.  Oh!  Cancer.  Throat cancer.  Right now I got nothin’ to eat.  For those who doh know me I’m a very uhhappy.  I got pain in my stomach.   I...