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We love, love, LOVE blogger and vlogger Eugenia Berg - aka Married Girl in a Weird World. Eugenia is happily and interracially married. She and her hubby are expecting Baby Berg later this year! Today's Subject: There IS a Difference! Today, Eugenia discusses the reality of self...
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Recently, I had to accompany my sister, who was in search of a suitable groom for her daughter. My niece is educated software professional, an engineer by qualification, and is earning a good sum of money. My sister had arranged an address for negotiation from a marriage bureau and she got an...
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Admittedly, my boss's handwriting could be hard to read, but I'd been working for him for over a year when I made the typo.  I was 26; my ordinary job felt like a big deal.  I was self-supporting for the first time in the choppy wake of a hellacious marriage of 8 years. My boss’s title was the...