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  February 16   THE DEALS I’VE MADE     Because they are deals and not resentments or secrets, these circular schemes did not come out in my fourth step.  They didn’t come out in the wash; they come out whenever they are broken.  If the deal is don’t eat pickled...
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Blog Posting (February 10, 2012) U.S. Politics Today headlined: The High Cost of Foster Care Abuse “More than 500,000 children in the U.S. reside in some form of foster care. Within one year of their initial placement, at least 15 percent of them will experience neglect, abuse, or other harmful...
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Mary Ann Angel might be described as the little mouse that roars. Her outward demeanor is neither loud nor forceful. However, her strength, unbounded energy to do good deeds, her concern for humanity, and readiness to extend the warmth of friendship is what demonstrate that this soft-spoken woman...
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I have written a book called THE BULLY CAT.  True story of how one cat bullies other cats for food and what happens to the bully cat for being just plain mean.  A learning book for children to understand bullying and what they need to do if they are being bullied.  Will be published...
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I was bullied in school from Kindergarten up to the 7th grade. Mainly, because I could not speak English and later because I had hair down to my waist, full lips (which I hated then) and I was super thin. I know how it feels to be bullied and to be the bully. After the 7th grade throughout the 10th...
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  What We Do to Books Illustration by Stephen Doyle   By GEOFF DYER There has always been a lot of discussion about the effect that reading books has on us. Far less attention has been paid to the effect that we (the readers) have on them (the books). I don’t mean on the reputations or...
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Was that a cat I heard It could be coming from the alley way Almost sounds like a woman screaming Must be a cat Such a sweet little girl Her blonde ringlets bouncing so Are those bruises on her arm just there No, must be mud So much black that boy wears Those things in his face must be painful Eyes...
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Karen Loucks Rinedollar demonstrates how a person’s desire to do something on a small scale can have much larger implications. Her simple idea has grown to a nationwide nonprofit that makes comforters for ailing children. Read her story on my Living in the Heartland blog.
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Fifteen-year old Kendra is a cutter. To deal with splintered memories of childhood sexual abuse, she takes blade to skin – again and again. But with the help of friends, her therapist, and a new girlfriend, Kendra discovers the truth of her abuse, battles the impulse to cut, and bravely faces...
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This is an important book, with unforgettable characters, an interesting setting and an engaging plot, but first a couple of side notes. It seems in-coincidental that the main character's surname, McMurphy, is similar to that of Larry McMurtry, one of Kesey's Standford classmates in the Wallace...