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We had walked seven years, linear time. In spirit time, we trudged blindly, soared, dug in our heels, cuddled, labored, hunkered down, and grew as deep as a million miles. There were cliffs of resistance; we climbed. Meadows invited picnics where we met with friends and family. Intentions guided,...
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I sometimes wish the abuse my abuser had committed had been physical instead of psychological or emotional. My life would have been different. I would have left sooner. People would not feel sorry for him. But that is the clever thing about emotional abuse; the emotional abuser can hide it. ...
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My memory was fractured in early childhood. I have always been able to recall with great clarity the house and neighborhood in which I grew up. We moved in when I was four and live there until the summer after I turned seventeen. To this day I can close my eyes and take a detailed tour through...