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About a week before National Poetry and Jazz Appreciation Month 2009 got underway, I had the extraordinary pleasure of attending at the Telfair Museum Jepson Center for the Arts an encore of Seeing Sounds, a multi-disciplinary art performance that combined the talents of more than a dozen visual...
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Anxious and ancient scratches tore the air with fingers eager to have their say, pulling me out of bed, they cast and re-cast nets of lexicons deep inside the womb of the river's roaring belly, hauling up myths born in Georgia and legends sung in Carolina, the wind howled visions that burned the...
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Maybe the question most relevant to our New Millennium times is not whether poets--or skateboarders, or soccer moms, or teachers, or politicians--dare to disturb the universe. Maybe it's whether everyday people accept that they do indeed possess such ability even without the glamorous looks or...
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As a home to more than 200 families, Robert M. Hitch Village is the largest government housing project in Savannah, Georgia, and just happens to be the place where this particular author grew up until the age of twelve. Growing up there as a black youth in the 1960s, I never imagined that one day...
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My get-pumped factor generally jumps into high gear this time of year because mid-March means April is on the way, and April is the officially-designated month for celebrating two of humanity’s most enduring creative triumphs: poetry and jazz.   I’m particularly jazzed this year over the poetry...
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NetworkedBlogsBlog:Aberjhani at Red RoomTopics:Authors and Publishing, African Americans, Books Follow my blog     What were the odds? Just two months ago I posted my annual list of Books and Authors To Watch for the Year and placed Beverly Jenkins’ new novel, Bring on the Blessings, at...