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You used to hear that all the time, "We'll be right back after a word from our sponsors." Do they still say that?  Did a "Dexter" marathon last night, a mini-crunch, four episodes on a Netflix disc, then drifted into television land while I read. So a quick word about our sponsors, the...
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It was smaller than I had imagined. I had pictured a big ancient black leather Bible (Abe's Good-Book). A bright crisp blue day in January, the history and transition of a people. I had left home, or so I'd dreamed. Gone away, far away from my place of birth. As on a journey, I now look behind,...
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       Leadership is more important today than ever before in our history.  The rapid pace of change in technology, economics and a whole host of other factors, globalization, changing social expectations, and changing demographics of the work force place greater than ever demands on leaders...
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GREENPOINT, Brooklyn, Sept. 3...Does size matter? "Maybe not in sex and basketball," Efraim Durg says, " but in geopolitics it's the only thing that counts." Durg, CEO of Durgometrics, a hedge fund that specializes in high risk bets, is advising his clients to back John McCain...