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Some authors wrote books and some authors died. Dunno if that sums up any year, but both happened in 2012.Oh - and, of course - Fifty Shades of Grey * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *A Literary Review of 2012    It was the year that J.K. Rowling returned to publishing with The...
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There might not be many lists where Kafka and James Bond share places (#3 & #2 respectively). However, I posit that Kafka writes about the type of government morass that Bond eventually has to deal with. And, really, there can be no more murky and frightening spy-type plot than The Trial....
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Lists by the dozen and even lists of a dozen litter the landscape of cliche and alliteration and bad puns. Still, this Abe Book Review of 2011 is eclectic and not a chore to handle. One of the many things I missed was: "Prince William’s bride Kate Middleton is revealed to be a distant relation of...
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  July's most expensive list is a good one. Topping the list is a rare 1846 edition of the first English translation of Alexandre Dumas' classic tale of loyalty, adventure and camaraderie, The Three Musketeers. The second most expensive item is chilling to read, in more ways than one - the...