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A review; Red Room Orginal | A review; Red Room Orginal

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I'm enjoying the episodes of Case Histories on PBS's Masterpiece Theater.  Each program covers several interlocking cases.  The first episode involves mysteries surrounding the disappearance of two women and one little girl and the murder of a young woman.  Private...
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The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus is a tribute to what movies can and should be, original, beguiling, and intelligent.  There are dips in the narrative, but not gaping wounds as several reviewers have so unoriginally suggested.  One can only imagine that some loss of continuity was inevitable once...
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  In the beginning there was the word. When the group Cappella Romana (www.cappellaromana.org)  performs Byzantine chants, it sounds the way I imagine some of the very first sounds ever produced in this universe might sound.  Or darn close. The sounds can transport a person beyond space and time...
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Like many American teens at the time, my knowledge of geography was infinitely impressive in its limits. My imagined world consisted of a large brilliant technicolor America,  never back then referred to as "the U.S." or "the States," a slightly tattered and faded Europe, maybe...