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You know the time when your Amazon ratings were exploring the Marianas Trench and then a book reviewer understood completely what you were trying to do with your novel, found even the hopes and dreams you thought you'd failed to convey, and then wrote a book review using words seemingly attached to...
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By Sharon Tillotson I read Brothers Karamazov about thirty years ago and when I received a Kindle as an early Christmas present and saw the book was available to be read on my delightful new device, I knew I had to re-read it, if for nothing other than the experience. I made copious notes,...
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The presentation I recently gave on book reviews in VA went over well. But I discovered in talking to attendees that they were often cowed by the idea of reviewing someone's book. The post might help.      I have been reviewing books for twenty-nine years and counting � I wrote my first book review...
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A recent review of David Goodwillie's novel American Subversive where I try to figure out what I know about the weird collision of fiction, non-fiction, and the marketplace: http://therumpus.net/2010/05/the-blurb-16-hungrier-more-successful-a-bit-ruthless/
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of Girl on a Bridge up at New Pages. Read it here:  http://newpages.com/bookreviews/2010-06/index.htm#Girl-on-a-Bridge-by-Su...
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Long Journey to Rneadal by Sharon E. DreyerReview by Wendy at Wendy's Minding Spot - Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Jake Granger is the handsome captain of the star cruiser, the RELENTLESS. When Dr. Jessica Hunter is assigned to his ship for six months to create new systems, he doesn't let time waste...
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   As a contrast and challenge to some of the more staid interviews and reviews (although we all want them!), there are some online sites that take riskier perspectives--about the publishing world, about books that are worth reading, and about books that aren't. They're interested in books...
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Here is a link to the first review of my novel "The Evolution of Shadows."  http://acuriousreader.blogspot.com/2009/07/evolution-of-shadows-by-jason...  
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I just finished Resistance by Anita Shreve.  After a rather slow start, it was a sad, poignant love story set during World War II. The Belgium Resistance movement was the backdrop for the novel.  An American aviator who crashes his fighter is protected in a small village from the Gestapo by a man...
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Well, I just finished Forever by Pete Hamill.  I have never read anything by Hamill before, but because of this book, I am willing to read him again.  To me, that is one of the marks of a good writer.  I have to like the writing well enough to read the author again.  In fact, if I like an author, I...