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The city of San Francisco might want to feature the print version of my mini memoir novel titled 402 Avalon in their main library. That would be cathartic for me since I was raised in San Francisco, and 402 Avalon is rich with my personal San Francisco memories. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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Lily and Me in Haut de Cagnes has been published. If you are interested in mother-daughter relationshsips, growing up with an alcoholic parent, lesbian mother daughter issues, and/or want to read a story set in a mideval village in the South of France this book is for you!   Check out a sample...
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Without a word we hurried to our car, a Lada four wheel drive, cheap, Russian-made. We were going home. I kept my eyes on the road, trying to be invisible. One mile until the bridge to Kusseri and the border with Cameroon. I heard the screeching sound of a mass of steel grinding to a halt. The man...
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Editor Bruce Gillespie is making a call for submissions for an anthology of personal essays about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and transsexual people and their families. The collection will be part of a series about the changing nature of the family in the 21st century published by...
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A Labor of Love   When I was pregnant with my son, I experienced some of the happiest moments of my life--a calmness I hadn’t known before, a complete peace with my surroundings.  I knew it was not me.  It was my baby’s energy, emitting from him.  I felt possessed of an inner...
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Her name was Amy and looking back now, I realize I still can't quite put it all into words, what this woman was/is to me.   I was fresh out of my teenage angst years and bearing into my early- twenty angst years when we met.  I was living in Washington with my brother and his family,...
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Do you remember when you first fell in love? Or the day you first glimpsed something you knew would change your life forever?   That happened to me two decades ago today. June 5, 1991. My 22nd birthday. Two weeks out of college, I awoke in New York City with a hangover, stumbled to JFK with a...
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  Did I ever tell you my story about the monkey-eating eagle? Assuming I didn't, I'll tell it now. I was living in Oklahoma City going to school. I had a temporary job between semesters at the Oklahoma City Zoo. I was tucked away in an office that had no windows. One day a bunch of guys dressed up...
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My parents were burned in an explosion when I was four—and  I grew up during the silent fifties—the era of pop tarts, toaster ovens, Maytag washer/dryers and frozen dinners--when little was talked about since so many were coming home from war and America wanted to forget the pain. In a poem I wrote...
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  When a person stumbles upon a deeply rooted secret, it’s nearly impossible to keep quiet.  And yet, that is exactly what my family did for decades.  None of us had the gumption to ask dad about the bizarre happenings in Wisconsin.  We each furtively hoped he’d one day grant us an exclusive tell-...