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A dog's life | A dog's life

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Pippin owns me. I come when he calls, feed him whatever he wants, walk him without his leash, and give belly rubs on command. How the dog came to be the love of my life is a mystery to me. But it’s true none-the-less. I love the dog. Hugs and kisses included. Dogs often get a bad rap in cultural...
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IN A WORLD OF NO …all that I cared for was the race of dogs,  that and nothing else… To whom but [dogs]  can one appeal in the wide and empty world?  –Franz Kafka In a world of No,              dogs are a Yes. Sixty-eight million dogs in America and...
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A Sight of Contempt I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that my dog thinks I'm a jerk. Here's what happened: We were taking it easy, lying on the bed, and I got the idea to take hold of her tail and do some of her wagging for her. After all, all, why shouldn't I lend a hand? Besides, I didn'...
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While slaving away at my computer, my concentration is lured by the gurgly sounds of my dog snoring.  Granted, he is thirteen  complete with a white mug and has earned his right to frequent napping.  But this is his fifth snooze within two hours and I am beginning to suspect  he is taking advantage...