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Whenever I’m feeling down about the steady stream of rejection letters that flow my way, some with helpful advice, some with praise but no contract, some as curt as a scrawled “not for me” on the title page, with or without exclamation marks, I think of the words of novelist John Barth: “The key to...
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So you all probably struggle with this everyday. I have handily avoided it for years. I am inspired, up in the middle of the night or early morning. I write and write. The words flow - I am a genius. And then, and then, I never revisit it again. I have years, decades of beginnings of, middles of,...
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Now that I'm a week and a half into my retirement it's time to lay out a plan for my writing projects. I've identified five so far: My novel. First of all I need to begin by opening the files that have laid dormant for over a month and see if I can rejuvenate my interest in it again. Then, I commit...
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I’ve been teaching Woolf’s famous work over the last month. I teach at an enormous urban community college—I’m trying to relate the book to my mostly working-class non-white(first generation college students). All but one has heard of Jane Austen or Oxford College. Most don’t have the luxury of a...
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Every writer has his or her own unique way of producing their masterpieces and one of our authors has started a very amusing blog on this topic. You can read it here on the Holland Park Press website. Does this sound familiar? It would be interesting to hear about your rituals.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010 For weeks,I've been struggling over a particular scene in my story. The dialogue's fun, but not necessary. The attitudes of the characters don't feel right. The action is not all that it can be. Fueling this struggle is the thought that I haven't been able to race ahead on...
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A certain ruthlessness and a sense of alienation from society is as essential to creative writing as it is to armed robbery. The strong-armer isn’t out merely to turn a fast buck any more than the poet is out solely to see his name on the cover of a book, whatever satisfaction that event may afford...
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The past week when I've gone into the bedroom, my husband is propped up against the headboard, book in hand, glasses perched on his nose...eyes shut tight. I know what he's reading....because I was reading the same book a week before. Karl Marx by Julius Smulkstys. After two nights of doing just as...
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As I was cleaning out some old notes on the craft of writing, I came across a quote I wrote down.  "Writing is learning to say nothing more cleverly every day..."  I laughed out loud!
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After years of blogging for free, I'm finally going to earn money for it.  Since I enjoy this genre, the feeling is something like being offered money to have sex in public, except that this way I get to keep my clothes on.  For February, I will be Writer in Residence at http://www.openbooktoronto....