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“Terror Travels the Devil’s Highway”–the first Maggie Lopez, Border Patrol Agent novel.Shorty after moving to Tucson in 2000, I learned firsthand what it was like living near the Mexican border. I heard for the first time, the term, “illegal alien.” I perhaps saw them, or at least, the trails they...
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At long last, the only 9/11 novel worth reading arrives. You can order Airplane Novel now. Critical Response A Midwest Book Review "Reviewer's Choice" Toth is a unique, gifted stylist whose prose is at times sharp, unpredictable, humorous, and always engaging. There have been a lot of...
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A general hello to everyone in Red Room. As a brief introduction, I currently live in Sarasota, Florida, though not exactly by choice. In the near future, my project is to promote my next novel, Airplane Novel, which with half-joking arrogance I call "the only 9/11 novel worth reading."...