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What a difference a year makes. When 60 Minutes reran their 2009 feature on Guiding Light back in July, it was all too clear that there would be no segment noting the end of As the World Turns. No need to warn friends to adjust their DVRs in case the men’s final runs over. No offer from a Y&R...
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A full half of my bloodline flows from the frigid tundra of Lapland, so I am easily pulled into morose, pensive introspection. A craving for strong, numbing alcohol runs in my Finnish veins, carried along on a sluggish current of pessimism. Years ago, I was stunned by an episode of 60 Minutes. The...
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With Guiding Light's final episode looming at the end of this week, CBS News finally stepped up to the plate with extended stories on both "CBS Sunday Morning" and "60 Minutes." Even taking into account the formidable challenges posed by trying to do justice to GL's seventy-two...