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...for at least another year. Please!  Okay, out of holiday mode and back to making some art. Here's three new pieces that I've been saving up for post-turkey day.
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I seem to be on a roll with faerie pictures of late. I've added two new ones to my website gallery, called "Fall Fae" and "Watching the Faerie Dance."
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Each year the folks at FaerieWylde hold a Halloween picture contest. This year's theme was to make a scary picture, and as the site's purpose it is to cater to all things fae, I figured the most appropriate thing was to make an image that would be scary to faeries! My entry, "The Witch Fairy...
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Art watchers, that is. Aside from my website gallery, two other places where I post my artwork are at Deviant Art and Renderosity. At both sites, viewers have the option to mark an artist as a favorite. This takes the form of the viewer tagging the artist such that they're notified anytime the...
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Yes, I do actually make things other than portraits of pretty ladies... :o)   I just need to get the right inspiration (and they take a little longer). This one is called, "The Departure."    
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Try saying that fast three times! Here's a selection of recent art: one fantasy piece, one Asian-themed piece, a couple of science fiction pieces, and two in the misc. category (one innocent, one perhaps less so...)          
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Been busy with new works over the last week, and here's three that I completed:     
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I am not sure I’d like to have a little chat with Mona Lisa or want her to wave out to me like some movie star. This is not about purity in art but about purity in ways of seeing. Rather than humanising, it becomes robotic. Beijing’s Alive Gallery is doing just that. It has got a whole series of...
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Sorry for being absent for a while. Once you fall off the blogging train, you have to wait for the next express to roll through town to pick you up again… Okay, here’s a hodge podge of news and events. First off, I’m melting. No, I’m not the Wicked Witch (although that might be an intriguing job...
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A quiet room, away from the courtyard and the stables, would be nice…