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                       Synopses of the THANKSGIVING TRILOGY                      A half...
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The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak. Penguin, 2008. A 19-year-old Turkish Istanbuli girl oblivious to the past and nearly suffocated by her overdevoted relatives, meets a 19-year-old Armenian-American girl obsessed by the past and nearly suffocated by her overdevoted relatives; the first...
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Tomorrow is the BIG Day. Multiplex Fandango is up for pre-order at Dark Regions Press. Some of you may have heard about it, but this is my master work of short fiction. Please if you have a moment and an inclination, jump over to Dark Regions at this link and pre-order the book. If you haven't...
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How structured is your reading life? There was a time, in grad school, when I diligently compiled lists and systematically read my way through them, analyzing each selection in a weekly essay. That was only four years ago, but it seems like another era now. Without the structure of an MFA program,...