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2012 GOP primary | 2012 GOP primary

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It looks as though the GOP might win the White House by building on its already substantial religious base.   I wrote about it for the Christian Science Monitor.    Follow the link for the full article. http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Opinion/2012/0530/With-God-on-their-...
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Odd week for Mitt Romney. The roller coaster candidate was on the receiving end of more mixed messages than a basement bulletin board at the United Nations on Take Your Schizophrenic to Work Day. While cruising to an easy victory in the Arizona primary he barely eked out a squeaker in Michigan...
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Once again, the wacky wheel of destiny takes a mighty spin and the big red pointer lands smack on the name of the next Great White Republican Hope -- Rick Santorum. The seventh or eighth candidate to vault into the lead of the GOP sweepstakes primarily because he is not Mitt Romney. A similar...
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This morning (after having an amazing romp of sex.  Yea.  Sex.  Get over it.  We had Sex.  We do that.  *people do this*  Sometimes even married couples married longer than ten years) Hans decided he was going to go "Thrifting for clothes". Really. Hans would live...
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It’s Half-Time in America! Let’s bring to the field our half-time show!   It’s not the Madonna. It’s the Whore and her Marching Taliband led by that aspermative action majorette Rick “the P is silent” Sanctimoron. He’s from Old Dominion. Because of a dwindling supply of white people, the...