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    There are certain types of readers for whom 1Q84, the latest novel written by Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami , is not for. I am just going to list the types because if you find yourselves among these types you will not like this book. You will read it, complain that this...
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  1Q84のQはQuestions、9は苦、それでPainful Questionsと解釈しました。1,054ページもの大作を読んでしまったということは、作者も作品のなかで言っているように読者を楽しませたということだと思います。 この作者の長い小説ははじめて読むので200ページくらいはゆっくりと読み、あとは一気に読み進みました。ふかえりの名前とほかの名とのつながり、登場人物との関係がだいたい感じられてきた時点で物語はおもしろくなり、死んだ羊の口の中から、夜中にリトルピープルがぞろぞろと出てくるところが印象的でした。儒教の君子と小人の小人をリトルピープルと見立てて、「羊頭狗肉」...
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  Aomame lures another man and successfully kills him.  She is an expert of martial arts and very skillful in killing people.  The author wrote martial arts in katakana as マーシャルアーツ, not in kanji as 武術.  But I won't go into the difference in meaning.  Aomame is like a modern ninja.  Anyway, those...
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      A woman holds a man's hands, or a man holds a woman's hands In "1Q84," Fukaeri (17 year old) holds Tengo's (29 year old) hands, and she keeps holding his hand.  The narrator tells us that she doesn't know why she keeps holding his hand.  But Tengo's panic on Sunday morning...
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  "1Q84" means 1984.  In Japanese, 9 is pronounced as ku or kyu.  Ku (苦) means pain.  Some superstitious Japanese might avoid using 9 in very happy occasions like a wedding as you might do the same for 13.  The following are the sites about the news. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid...