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Thursdays Phil Naessens Show is a repeat of two great interviews he conducted during this past year with author Steven R. Travers. Please listen as Travers discusses his latest book A Tale of Three Cities followed by a discussion of his book The Last Icon: Tom Seaver and His Times...
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I've got a few friends who don't like to acknowledge their birthdays, especially those that end with zeroes. Maybe it represents another year of dreams unrealized or jeans unwearable. Perhaps it's just the notion that some of us have scampered substantially past life's fifty yard line, the end...
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Here’s an official report from fifty years ago: 8% milligram of chloral hydrate and 4.5% milligram of Nembutal were found in Marilyn Monroe’s system, and Dr. Thomas Noguchi of the Los Angeles County Coroners office recorded cause of death as acute barbiturate poisoning...
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MY FIRST PHYSICAL Part 2 MY FIRST TRIP TO WHITEHALL STREET   It's 1962 and the center is crumbling. In Centralia, Pa. a garbage dump built over an old coal mine catches fire. The slow burning anthracite under the landfill is ignited and smolders unabated. The town is slowly consumed. The...
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1962, Christmastime in the city, specifically, Newark, New Jersey. My mom and grandfather are arguing in front of Bamburger's department store. The topics of discussion are, one, that my mom return to home to Boston, and two, that they immediately find someone to take care of her problem. I...