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Read Milk and Water about Montreal in the Era of US Prohibition.  On Amazon Kindle.     "One of these days there is going to be a catastrophe. If a fire breaks out one of these days, many of those inside will not be able to get out." So said Constable Conrad Trudeau during the 1925...
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  Here's a Canadian Press story that is from a press release I wrote way back for a small publishing concern. The article is almost taken verbatim from my press release which is what I had aimed for.   I wanted to be a publicist back then, but there was little call for these skills on...
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Book: Dodsworth Author: Sinclair Lewis   Despite winning the ultimate prize in literature (The Nobel) in his day, author Sinclair Lewis’s work is typically branded as less stylish, or lacking in the scholarly merits of his 20th century contemporaries, i.e., Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Yet just as...