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1910 Striking Garment Workers in NY. Library of Congress stamp.   Hmm.   I have included an IMPORTANT scene at the end of Threshold Girl, the first part of myhttp://www.tighsolas.ca/schoolmarmsandsuffragettes_nixon.pdf.pdf It takes place on Saturday, June 20th, 1912. Margaret Nicholson,...
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  School Marms and Suffragettes is a free ebook based on  three hundred 1910 era letters belonging to a respectable middle class family from Richmond Quebec.     The one-of-a-kind ebook describes the tail-end of the Laurier Era through the eyes of three vivacious middle...
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  "I shall show you that hypnotism is the most wonderful force in nature. That it is as mighty in the realm of mind as electricity is in the realm of matter. I shall prove to you that it conquers all pain and cures all diseases, that it is an agency in reform and a detective in the path of...
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  In a 1911 letter home Marion Nicholson describes catching up with the Montgomerys who are in town to buy a new car, their second in two years. This may be a pic from that event. They are at Atwater Street. I am writing Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, the follow up to Threshold Girl and I've...