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  Sugano Hoso has undertaken a project of heart-throbbing proportions. She is providing shelter, food, and love to hundreds of dogs and cats abandoned in the evacuated area around Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi’s nuclear power plant. Read her story on my blog http://www.livingintheheartland.com Photo...
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                      Courtesy of Berkeley Castle (Excerpt) In the drawing room, the medley of voices swelled and ebbed like a flight of drones, interspersed with bellows of laughter and strident opinion. “Tis plain as the nose on your face,...
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The 'Treasure Box of Greater Learning for Women' was a short treatise, first published in Japan 1716, and generally accepted as being the work of Kaibara Ekiken (1630-1714). It contained guidelines concerning the proper instruction of women and included a list of behaviours for which a man would be...