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  When mature protagonists find love, there is a different "tone" to the experience from when young heroines and heroes discover love for the first time. My historical western romance, POLITE ENEMIES, released this month from Whiskey Creek Press. Its theme is “love strikes when you least...
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Photo: Bellevue Hospital Ambulance, New York Times, 1895--from the Wikipedia page of The Alienist.   Been a few weeks away with illness, exhaustion, overwork, and some good headway on my novel and some shorter pieces.  Sort of an odd time lately, mostly without focus.  I've been...
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photo: Famous scene from Apocalypse Now, on http://www.rotaryaction.com/pages/apocalypse.html   (this is a continuation of another post, which you can find here)   2.  Look at the above list of works.  Most of them are about the monster within.  To borrow from Rousseau...