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  Ironically, I am supposed to be writing a shooting script for a music video called "Two Kings" about Martin Luther King and Elvis and the revolutions they both inspired.  Instead, I cannot stop thinking about Troy Davis' state sponsored killing last evening: death by lethal injection...
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October 1   OLD BOOKKEEPING, NEW PAINTING    What will become of the fine lines I use to divide good news from bad?  How will I handle a life with no screen to keep the silt from shifting across my personal landscape?  A delicate crosshatch had kept little checks in little boxes; now the checks are...
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When I moved to Portland, OR and got to know some of the writers here, I discovered they were a group of jogging, coffee-swilling granola-eating types.  A great Saturday night date was a reading at Powell's books and an espresso.  I was disappointed - not in the reading scene, but I had imagined...