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Peter Walsh and I had a wonderful time together on the Oprah XM Radio interview Friday October 24th. You can listen to the recording at: http://www.oprah.com/article/oprahandfriends/pwalsh/20081024_oaf_pwalshWe answered questions regarding inheriting stuff from your parents and what to do with it...
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Depending on the climate you live in, rotating your clothes in the Spring and Fall adds more storage space and more variety to your everyday wardrobe. It is pretty unlikely that you need to have access to both shorts and wool sweaters at the same time. Decide what can be put away for a few months...
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What do you do with all those extra, travel size toiletries? As you go through each drawer, shelf and cabinet in your bathrooms, create one basket of supplies for your guests. This makes it very easy to put out the basket any time you have overnight guests. Store this basket under the sink or in a...
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Your life will be easier if your electronic files follow the same organizational structure as your filling cabinets. Open up your electronic files or “folders” and look at what the files are called in both your electric and paper versions. Are they the same or are they different? Which label is...