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Writing for me is a closed loop, a Mobius strip or perhaps an ocean. The flow of synapse and nerve impulse, interrupted briefly by the bits and bytes of keystrokes, nudges words to the screen. Like a great out-flowing tide, my optical nerve sucks the words up again and delivers them to my brain for...
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Some days I feel like Vincent, but not quite. He had Theo to support him and try to peddle his paintings while I have only myself for support. I write because I have to. Like Vincent I seek out places where the light is right, engage in my passion for long stretches of time while neglecting the...
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Quite often, I find myself in a position known as that of the "Visiting Writer."  I have to admit, I have a fondness for the title.  It seems so deliciously appropriate.  What is a writer if not a visitor?  One who arrives, looks around, settles in, makes herself...
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This week I’m working on the loose galleys of Becoming Clementine, which means reading the entire book at least once with a colored pencil by my side (I typically choose some shade of purple, but for this one I’ve decided to use green). Even though this stage isn’t as grueling or intense as the...
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When Judy Garland was just a talented teenager at MGM, she worked a very demanding schedule– sometimes 18-hour days, one after another. To keep her going and to ensure she would be able to perform, MGM supplied her with sleeping pills so that she could rest between scenes, and then, when it...
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My new Huffington Post piece about Khet Mar, an amazing author & inspiring activist who was thrown into prison for her writing. http://huff.to/yqPgwY
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Once, a famous public intellectual/writer and her lover from Chicago came to visit in California. In preparation, I took all the paper trash to my office (a remote cabin) to burn in the woodstove. We had a wonderful vinous evening, and in the morning took a walk around our property. ...
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One of the most terrifying moments in a writer’s life is the moment her editor says, “We have a mock-up of the cover for your new book, which we’ll be sending you soon.” The reason this is so terrifying is that you never know what they’re going to send you. It could be magnificent. Or it could...
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Writing is extremely challenging. It can keep you from sleeping, eating, and being around people. It can cause you more stress than you can imagine when all you're trying to do is produce a story which you love, and believe others will feel the same toward. You see, when you're not writing just...
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As I emerge from the Excruciating Land of Copy Edits (14- to 16-hour days, every day for the past nine days), I think it’s time to stop feeling sorry for myself for not having a weekend last week (or, as is all too common, some weeks) or regular sleep or time to exercise, and think about the...