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  A group of us had walked along a narrow path to a deserted beach near Zihuatanejo, Mexico, which in 1971 was still a village of only several thousand inhabitants. The moon was brilliant, and the ocean glistened with reflected light.  Inspired by the moonlight, the waves and the soft...
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When it comes to defining moments, I have only a few. One of these took place at Sea World and it impacted my career choice of being a writer. I'll tell you the ending before I tell you the beginning.  The end is that I write every day because I want to, not because I have to. Well, I mean –...
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I don't recall what exactly was my earliest memory, but what I consider to be my earliest memory was a trip that I took when I was about three years old, perhaps even younger.  It was a trip to Newport News, Virginia to visit my aunt (Geneva),my uncle (Bob), and my cousin (Bill).  We took my...
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My husband and I like dives and joints, and we weren't going to Chincoteague for the food, so after a very mediocre meal at the place everyone recommended (probably because it is the only restaurant open year round), Bill's (pretentious décor, badly cooked food, frozen vegetables of the day, and...