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[A version of this with a nice photo can be seen at my web page A Curious Man.]   (Continued from previous posting) Maybe you’ve heard of Sturgeon’s Law. If not, it goes like this--ninety percent of all books are crap. Theodore Sturgeon, its originator, was  specifically referring to...
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As I'm sure everyone who watches the literary world is aware by now, there's been a lot of discussion about Jonathan Franzen's latest novel, how much attention it's been getting, and how much attention some female novelists haven't been getting. My take appears in my "Writer-on-Residence...
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Mark Sarvas, author of the wonderful debut novel HARRY, REVISED and creator of the popular litbblog The Elegant Variation, recently reviewd Ed Park's novel PERSONAL DAYS for the New York Times Book Review. During the course of the review, he commented on how few novels there are these days that...