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First, don't you just love that title and the images conjured by "Book Mountain"?  A mountain of books!  Gizmag and BBC both had stories on The Book Mountain, a new Rotterdam public library in The Netherlands where 50,000 books are surrounded by a glass pyramid.  Looks fascinating,...
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It all started immediately after crossing the border, as I was travelling back home from London by train the other day. ‘Do you know we are actually sisters,’ the woman said in a loud voice to the boy. ‘We were sisters in a previous life.’ The train was a so called ‘sprinter’, which meant it made...
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I have a terrible memory for details. Couple that with my dread of description, and you'll understand why I like to have a camera available whenever I go out. One never knows when you'll find something worth recording. I'm sharing some pictures of trip we took to Holland. Hubby had a meeting in...
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My second Palestinian crime novel A Grave in Gaza (UK title: The Saladin Murders) is just now published in Holland. The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant asked me to contribute a list of my five favorite books, or at least those which've had the biggest impact on me as a writer. Here's what I wrote:...