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            Let the word go forth this holiday season.  Glory, glory hallelujah, the culture war is over.             November 6th, 2012, was VC day, the day the fifty-year war for the...
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          For some time now I’ve been concerned about the direction our culture was taking, but I’ve been reluctant to write about it, because there’s nothing more annoying than some old guy waxing pathetic about the good old days.     ...
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This morning I woke up to rain. I've mentioned before it's been a dry winter here, so the rain was a welcome sound. I laid in bed, feeling warm. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I've been trying to sort everything out. Many things have come up--good things like the publication of I Woke Up This...
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The Future In the letterbox up the stairs, she found a letter postmarked from the following week. It was cold and wet along one corner, like it had been sitting in snow. She took it into the kitchen and put it on the table in front of him. I'm still waiting, he said, watching her out of the...
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Last night, I had the eerie experience of realizing I’d forgotten someone and something and then slowly coming to clarity about that forgotten thing.  I was watching the Olympics, and one of those touchy feely moments came on, one about the athletes, the type that usually left me in tears but...
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Consumerism, Financial Systems and the Future We are building towards a sustainable future that defines itself on one whole.  There are a lot of debates over the state of the economy at the moment, especially concerning the financial situation of the world at present.  People are focusing a lot on...
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Safe in a world of control By Stacey T Pollock People will choose for a world of order and security over their own individuality. Order produces a level of comfort, in turn taking away the ability for someone to seek for new and other that does not specifically relate to what is socially accepted...
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If I strolled along the crest of hill overlooking the sand dunes hiding the beach from view, you would not see my passing. Yet, if I walked where you saw me as you had long in the past, you would not know me. Memories are cellophane wrappers carefully applied to preserve what we experienced. They...
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Watching the television show "Mad Men" on AMC has been informative because the producers and writers and directors are giving us the early 60's with a certain spin but leaving in many cultural beliefs, habits, and norms.  Last night, for example, the character Don Draper and his wife went...
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Just posted this week's essay, "Saving Science," on The Archdruid Report.