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a father's passing remembered | a father's passing remembered

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Mahalo to Red Room for promoting their authors and offering us unique opportunities to reach thousands (possibly millions!) of readers.  Gina Misiroglu worked with me on 5 Ways to Honor Christmas for the Huffpost Hawaii.             ...
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A few years before Mom's Alzheimer’s got really bad, I took my parents on a road trip to Monterey Bay for Christmas. Throughout the ride, my mother narrated the workings of the natural world as she viewed them through sticky nerve cells and tangles in her brain. We pass by orchards barren of...
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Few are the monuments we construct to the most monumental people in our lives. My father died five years ago today. So I’m taking the easy way out -- twice in one week! -- today and posting the Pittsburgh Magazine story I did about him in 2004. Editors there flattered me by headlining the 3,000-...