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With all the dire news about the fate of books and libraries, it is heartening to find that a majority of young people read the former in the latter.  And it cheers me up about young people, too. In Halifax NS, where I reside, a multi-million dollar new library is being built - just across the...
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Ebook deals 'not remotely fair' on authors Digital publishing deals locking writers in for the duration of copyright risk damaging industry, says Society of Authors chair Alison Flood guardian.co.uk 'Once a system has been set up, publishers won't be paying for warehousing, distribution and...
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LBF Panel Compares U.S. and U.K. Consumer Book Buying Habits  Among the chief observations made at this morning’s panel on the “special relationship” between U.S. and British consumer book markets were that the British are at least three years behind Americans in adapting e-books, and that...