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  I have posted an infographic, “The Brain A User's Guide to Emotions." Have a look on this.   http://www.bestpsychologydegrees.com/brain/  
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      I have on my desk a drawing by Oliver Sacks of two octopi.  He made it in my kitchen in the mid-90s in Germany to prevail in a discussion with my then ten-year-old son about the disposition of optical nerves in octopi.  This tells you a lot about Oliver Sacks and Nick...
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What makes us who we are? Think about that question for a moment... ...Among all of the questions we can ask as human beings, even with all of our progress and our potential, that question alone remains one of the most difficult, or perhaps the most difficult, to answer. Innumerable factors are...
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I've been thinking a lot lately about the importance of retraining your brain. It's all too easy to fall into routines—the same breakfast bar, the same walk to work, the same delivery menus... The last couple of months, with my move from Brooklyn to San Francisco, and starting a new job, have...